Monday, November 21, 2005

I generally insist that everyone who comes to visit me in New York walk around Spring and Prince streets with me on a weekend. Not to buy anything; just to wander through the posh shops, be inspired by innovative design and take in the fair-like atmosphere on the streets. Each of these shots was taken this past Sunday while wandering in Soho.

Vendors in New York won a constitutional challenge enforcing their right to sell their artwork (and books) in the streets. They claimed that to deny them the permission to sell on the street was to deny their right to Freedom of Speech under the First Amendment. Many people thought this was a facetious argument at the time.

I think that, just from this random sampling of shots, it’s clear just how much people expressing themselves add to the character of a neighborhood and that selling art and similar goods truly is a form of expression.

See this Wiki on Freedom of Speech


Anonymous Anonymous said...

K, i think you're really onto something re:the shiny cars ... i think i'd go blind if i lived in that city ... please continue with your quirky views on NYC ... it feels like i'm almost their with you ...

11:13 PM  

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